Sunday, March 27, 2011


Duchess of Squirrel here: Last night, I wanted to use up some of last week's CSA before moving on to this week's, and we had some dandelion greens hanging around. I found an Alice Waters recipe that was basically greens (she suggested kale) and sausage with pasta. We didn't have sausage, but we did have some fennel fronds left over from last week as well, so I decided to just improvise a bit without the sausage, since sausage has some fennel flavor. I looked up a sausage recipe in a vegan cookbook I have, and started to saute onion in olive oil with fresh rosemary (CSA), dried thyme and fennel, and red pepper flakes. After the onions softened, I threw in the dandelion greens and fennel fronds with water, and let that cook down. Meanwhile, I cooked up the whole wheat pasta and then mixed it in with the greens. I topped the dish with walnut oil, parmesan, and lemon zest.

This was quite yummy, though the fennel fronds texture was a bit odd. It grew on us though. I'd recommend it, esp. if you don't have fennel fronds to use up. :D

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