Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Gretchen used up our fennel and a bunch of our rosemary last night in a lovely fennel pizza. She made Mark Bittman's whole wheat dough and put fresh rosemary in it, made a simple pizza sauce, and topped it with thin sliced fennel, chopped garlic, and fresh mozarrella. Very yummy.

We're almost done with our CSA box for the week, just in time for the new delivery tomorrow. We have some cabbage left, and some carrots and dandelion greens that I plan to stir fry tonight and toss with glass noodles and tofu. But what to do with this endless rosemary? Any ideas?


  1. You could make your own recipe lemon rosemary chicken cutlets! You can also toss in some rosemary when roasting potatoes or other veggies, or make rosemary focaccia, or infuse some olive oil.

  2. Apparently you can freeze it to use when it's not in season. But I like the sound of rosemary-infused olive oil.